Minecraft Air Force One Map

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The VC-25, better known as Air Force One, is the official presidential plane. It is the 6th model in the line of presidential aircraft. On top of the role of the President’s official aircraft, it is also a huge symbol of of the United States Government. The Air Force One program started in 1933, but this specific aircraft began service in1990, and is still used today. It has flown presidents, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and currently, Barrack Obama.

At first glance, the VC-25 appears to be a regular Boeing 747, with a alternate paint job, but Air Force One was designed with many different safety features in mind. Features such as these include re-inforced plating at the bottom of the plane, to protect it from Nuclear Explosions erupting from the ground. It also contains flares and other tools to throw off the tracking of missiles. It is also resistant to Electro-magnetic pulses.

Minecraft Air Force One Map Screenshots:

Minecraft Air Force One Map (1)

Minecraft Air Force One Map (2)

Minecraft Air Force One Map (3)

Minecraft Air Force One Map (4)

Minecraft Air Force One Map (5)

How to Install Minecraft Air Force One Map:

  1. Download schematic file
  2. You have MCEdit – Minecraft Woldr Editer installed
  3. Open the MCEdit and select the world from the list that you would like to add the schematic to (If none are on the list you will have to click the “Open a Level..” text and find it in the file browser.)
  4. You need to click the import button (little red crane) on the bottom right, find the schematic in the file browser and click open
  5. After you place it in a good spot, click the import button to complete the operation.

Developer: [Firebros]

Download Minecraft Air Force One Map:

MCEdit Schematic: Airforce-One.rar

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