Minecraft Aura Cascade Mod 1.9, 1.8.9, 1.7.10

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Aura Cascade Mod 1.9, 1.8.9, 1.7.10 is a magic mod that challenges the user to think. At it’s core is an innovative power system which is nearly impossible to fully optimize. All features are documented via an in-game book.

Aura Cascade Mod
Basic Concepts

  • Aura does not represent power
  • Aura is not created or destroyed
  • GUI-free
  • Aura nodes pass aura back and forth
  • Aura nodes pass aura in both directions, equalizing aura
  • An aura node with a redstone signal won’t send aura onwards, resulting in a build-up on aura
  • Aura comes from aura crystals, which can be crafted
  • Aura will not naturally move up, but it will move down
  • Aura will only move up when a ‘pump’ (Equivalent to a generator) moves them
  • Power = Aura * vertical distance
  • When aura falls down, it creates power

Types of Aura
Aura comes in all colors of the rainbow! (Plus black and white)

  • White Aura: Plain aura. If you use this, you are boring.
  • Black Aura: This aura does not generate power. It can’t flow horizontally. It can be produced in near-unlimited amounts by an Aura Manipulator (Discussed later).
  • Red Aura: When TNT is detonated near a node with red aura, large amounts of red aura will move uphill (the explosion will not harm any blocks)
  • Orange Aura: Like black aura, it doesn’t generate power and can be produced by an aura manipulator. When orange aura flows, it encourages aura in nearby nodes to move in the same direction.
  • Yellow Aura: Takes a tenth of the energy to pump up, and produces the same amount of power flowing down. However, it is unstable and decays quickly.
  • Green Aura: This ‘weighs’ twice as much during the daytime, and half as much at night (In the day, it takes twice as much effort to pump it up, but it also generates twice as much power). By pumping power in the night, and using it during the day, you can be more efficient.
  • Blue Aura: This aura is 50x easier to pump up during the rain, but only half as efficient at other times
  • Purple Aura: This aura will slowly multiply. This multiplication occurs significantly faster if it is placed in a node with low amounts of purple aura

How to install Aura Cascade Mod:

  1. You need Minecraft Forge
  2. Open your minecraft.jar file. This can be found here: C:\Users\(insert computer name here)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin. It can also be found by searching for “%appdata%” in your start menu. Once you have searched for “%appdata%,” you have to follow the same path as stated above. Open your minecraft.jar with Winrar by simply dragging the .jar into Winrar.
  3. Open the .zip/.rar/folder of your mod and drag and drop the contents into the minecraft.jar.
  4. Delete the META-INF folder in the minecraft.jar. Close minecraft.jar.
  5. Open Minecraft and play!
  6. If your mod doesn’t work properly or you get a black screen at the Minecraft startup: You need Delete your minecraft.jar found here “C:\Users\(insert computer name here)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin”. Then Open Minecraft, let it auto-update so your .jar can be restord. Attempt to re-install mod (If you want).

Developer: pixlepix

Download Aura Cascade Mod:


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