Minecraft Billy Bob Skin

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The story:

The creature wrapped its tentacle arms around Billy’s neck. He thrashed around hoping for it to let go. He threw himself to the ground landing on the thing. It just tightened its hold, making it almost impossible for Billy to breathe. While he was thrashing, he caught a glimpse of three glistening white teeth/talons emerge out of two slits on this creature. This thing was about 30centimeterslong and looked alien. It had 12 long, bony, spider-like legs. It did not seem to have a head, but it sure had a mouth. It was a light shade of green across the whole body.

The creature eventually pinned him to the floor. With its legs, it held him down so he could not thrash. The large teeth raised up, ready for attack. They dropped a cloudy white liquid off the point that burnt when it hit his skin. Billy was a fighter. He did not give up so easily. He grew up on a farm with his 7 brothers and 5 sisters. They fought a lot, and Billy had learnt how to fight well.

One fine day in the year 2016 he woke up to find his whole family all dead, brutally butchered. All of his family except one of his brothers. His brother had been possessed by the cloudy liquid. His brother tried to kill him, but did not succeed. Billy became an orphan and had no family. He was old enough to look after himself though. He looked after the farm and had an average life.Until this day.

Billy was out in the barn when he heard something. It sounded like flesh being eaten. A creature jumped out from behind a hay bail. He tried his best to fight it with his bare hands, but eventually got pinned to the ground. The teeth were ready to pierce. With all the might he could muster, Billy kicked the workbench so a hammer dropped down. The creature got surprised and loosed its grip a little. With his chance, Billy grabbed the hammer and swung it into the thing. It let out an excruciating screech that made him cringe in pain.

As it screeched it let out a mist of the cloudy liquid. Billycouldn’thelp it. He inhaled a large amount of it. He started to feel bad. His senses sharpened and he felt stronger. He finally got out of the creature’s grip. Billy kicked the thing across the barn. He saw his shotgun lying on the shelf and went and got it. The creature was thrashing around with the hammer stuck into it.

With ease, he put it out of its misery. Billy was feeling a lot of pain. His whole body was becoming bonier and stronger. Strange thoughts of human flesh were appearing in his mind. Then he remembered his brother. How twisted he had become. Billy did not want that to happen to him. He fell to the ground in agony, physically and mentally. He saw his skin turning into a strong shade of green. He had to resist giving in and letting the cloudy liquid take over him.

Billy blacked out. Hours later, he woke feeling a little different. He got up and saw his skin was still green. Billy did not have any cannibalistic urges. He felt normal. However the creature was completely gone. He did not care. Billy felt prepared. He lit a cigar and grabbed his shotgun. He was ready.

Minecraft Billy Bob Skin Screenshot:

Minecraft Billy Bob Skin

How to Install Minecraft Billy Bob Skin:

  1. Download Minecraft Billy Bob Skin
  2. Once you have downloaded a skin you will need to head to http://minecraft.net/profile.
  3. Log into your account and then upload your skin.
  4. Now when you open Minecraft your character should have the skin that you chose!

Developer: Nice7

Download Minecraft Billy Bob Skin:


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