Minecraft Battlefield Mod [1.4.5]

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This mod adds the famas, G3, Scar-L, M4, M16, L85, L96A1, Ammunition, Knife (Is not a working “sword” and will act like any normal item), Silver ore, Silver ignot, Camouflage blocks, and Camouflage dye. I am working on vehicles, armor, and campaign mode. Campaign mode will be a dimension maybe not 100% sure on that. I will also be adding soldiers such as anti-tank, scout and the rest of the soldier types found on battlefield.










  • 1. First download Minecraft Forge
  • 2. Click on the start menu and click run for win xp or search for win 7 and put in %appdata% on windows eight go to the start menu and just type in %appdata% you don’t need to click on run or search.
  • 3. Open the .minecraft
  • 4. Open the bin folder and open the minecraft.jar with 7-zip or Win-rar
  • 5. Delete the Meta-inf folder
  • 6. Open forge .zip folder and drag all the files into your minecraft.jar
  • 7. Do not delete the meta-inf anymore this was included in forge!
  • 8. Download the battlefield mod
  • 9. Go back to the .minecraft folder and open up the folder mods, If their isnt a folder called mods create one by right clicking then drag your mouse over new, and click new folder and rename as mods
  • 10. Drag and drop the BattlefieldMod-.jar into the mods folder for the 1.4.5 drag and drop the BattlefieldMod.jar
  • 11. Open minecraft and celebrate



  • Added in Chinese Support
  • Added in Chinese Assault
  • Added in Chinese Engineer
  • Added in Chinese Recon
  • Added in Russian Support
  • Added in Russian Assault
  • Added in Russian Engineer
  • Added in Russian Recon
  • Added in terrorist Recon
  • Added in terrorist Bombers
  • Added in vehicle
  • Added in Camouflage armor
  • Added in more damage to Knife
  • Added in Tires
  • Fixed Sound bugs
  • Fixed Camouflage and Silver Ore mess up

Download Minecraft Battlefield Mod [1.4.5]:



Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Credits: Minecraftingforlife

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