Minecraft Cap’n Cobalt Skin

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Once upon a time, there lived an eight year-old boy whose name was Colby. Colby’s parents had no time to deal with silly
things like loving their own child and nurturing him for they had ‘big person work to do’, as his father had stated one day when the child had come up to him with a baseball and catcher’s glove. So to deal with Colby, who’s constant demand for attention soon increased, they set him to watching super hero movies 24/7. Colby was engrossed.
As the years went by, with the supply of action super hero movies slowly dwindling, Colby grew ambitious to be something big in life. So ambitious, in fact that he never noticed the disappearance of his parents one day. He never even missed them, for their part in his life was only the birthing and feeding of him.
It was when Colby turned the age of twenty-eight when, after having finished off nearly several hundred thousand movies featuring punching, super-powers, and bad guys with weird Viking helmets, that he decided what he would be. He would become an…intern!!! But alas, in every interview he partook in, he was rejected, for his attention span was next to nil after  twenty straight years of watching super hero movies. So, feeling physically and mentally spent from a week of rejected internship interviews, he then decided upon becoming a super hero. Using money that would have inevitably been eaten up had he gone to college,Colby built a small underground lair under his parents’ house.  It took the better part of two years to install the cool, techno-woman AI voice thingy on the computer. With a cool super hero suit and an epic underground lair, Colby, finally noticing the lack of parents in his home, set on a mission. Realizing that he had his parents to thank for him becoming a crime-fighting badass, it became his personal mission to find them, hug them, and treat them to a complimentary dinner at Denny’s. With a goal set, and his costume freshly polished, Colby turned his back to the house that he called home, and climbed into the Cobalt-Mobile. The search was on.
And thus begins the tale ofCap’n Cobalt.

Minecraft Cap’n Cobalt Skin Screenshot:

Minecraft Cap'n Cobalt Skin


How to Install Minecraft Cap’n Cobalt Skin:

  1. Download Minecraft Cap’n Cobalt Skin
  2. Once you have downloaded a skin you will need to head to http://minecraft.net/profile.
  3. Log into your account and then upload your skin.
  4. Now when you open Minecraft your character should have the skin that you chose!

Developer: KnobleKnives

Download Minecraft Cap’n Cobalt Skin:


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