Minecraft Frank Skin

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“99, bottles of DNA on the wall, 99 bottles of DNA! Take one down,inject it in to someone, 98 bottles of DNA on the wall!” Dr. Schwarzenegger wasn’t informed that all testers were done (he was in the bathroom), so he picked up a DNA that wasn’t cockroach and injected it into the 100th tester. 3 days later the testers were still in their cellars. Just to make sure they all were asleep and okay. Once they got to the 100th tester, they all were in shock.
The glass covering was shattered. No soldier was inside. Who was that? His name, was Frank. Poor Frank.

Minecraft Frank Skin Screenshot:

Minecraft Frank Skin

How to Install Minecraft Frank Skin:

  1. Download Minecraft Frank Skin
  2. Once you have downloaded a skin you will need to head to http://minecraft.net/profile.
  3. Log into your account and then upload your skin.
  4. Now when you open Minecraft your character should have the skin that you chose!

Developer: XDInsanity

Download Minecraft Frank Skin:


Or Change my skin

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