Minecraft Super Mario Mod [1.7.10, 1.7.2, 1.6.4]

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Super Mario Mod for Minecraft Screenshots:

Minecraft Super Mario Mod 1

Get a retro feeling while building Mario Levels.

Minecraft Super Mario Mod 2 (2)

Minecraft Super Mario Mod 2 (1)

Enjoy lots of new blocks!

Minecraft Super Mario Mod 3

Throw Bob-Ombs into Mob crowds, …

Minecraft Super Mario Mod 4

and see them dying!

Minecraft Super Mario Mod 5


  • 1)Download Minecraft Forge (Recommended version)
  • 2)Open your minecraft.jar / minecraft_server with 7-Zip, Winrar, or whatever you prefer.
  • 3)Drag all Forge files into your minecraft.jar. / minecraft_server.jar
  • 4)Delete the META-INF folder (Only do this for minecraft.jar)
  • 5)Run Minecraft / Minecraft Server once to let Forge create some folders and close it after it has started.
  • 6)Download this Super Mario Mod
  • 7)Drag the zip folder into the “mods” folder
  • 8)Have fun!
  • 9)If necessary you can change the Block- and Item-IDs in the config file.
  • 9b)If you already used an old Version of this mod you need to delete the old config file (.minecraft/config/MarioMod.cfg).

Developer: Jimboom7

Download Minecraft Super Mario Mod:

Super-Mario-Mod 1.7.10

Super-Mario-Mod 1.7.2

Super-Mario-Mod 1.6.4

Super-Mario-Mod 1.6.2

Super-Mario-Mod 1.5.2


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