Minecraft Winnie the “Boo” Skin

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In an alternate reality society is in ruin. Revolutions have been started and have failed. Society is based of of fear. You control the fear, you control all. Many people are living their lives in anguish knowing that one slip up and they will face the unthinkable. People have slowly been trying to strengthen the citizens. From a young age they have been exposed to fear. Disturbing images that normally would cause any decent person nightmares. These “cartoons” are meant to make children numb to fear. In our world children’s shows are meant to spark imagination and basic good mannerisms. In this world they subliminally give the future generation the ability to stand up to fear and oppression. To not be afraid and to try to change the world to be ruled by confidence and decency. Once you have become numb to fear the leaders of the world have nothing against you.
Winnie the Boo was one of the earlier implementations of these “horrific” children’s cartoons. It had varies results. 24% of children who watched repeatedly as children would kill themselves before they turned 18. 30% became extremely mentally unstable with 10% of that number being arrested on murder charges. The remainder took to it as intended and became immune to fear. Some of these people grew up to fight back against the government and the oppression while a select few took positions in politics to be spies. The successful “experiments” learned how to control fear and how to instill it into anyone. Even those who were creating it. We still don’t know how this generation will react when…..if things go back to how they once were. All they have known is horror and it will be interesting to see how they react.

Minecraft Winnie the “Boo” Skin Screenshot:

Minecraft Winnie the Boo Skin


How to Install Minecraft Winnie the “Boo” Skin:

  1. Download Minecraft Winnie the “Boo” Skin
  2. Once you have downloaded a skin you will need to head to http://minecraft.net/profile.
  3. Log into your account and then upload your skin.
  4. Now when you open Minecraft your character should have the skin that you chose!

Developer: The Masked Bandit

Download Minecraft Winnie the “Boo” Skin:


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