Minecraft Single Player Commands Mod [1.6.2/1.6.1/1.5.2/1.5.1/1.4.7]

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Single Player Commands (or SPC) is a must have modification for every crafter who needs the full control of his/her in-game world. SPC enables a huge list of fully functional SP commands which can be entered for different use. Players can control every aspect of game with them; For e.g. Spawn Creepers, Give Damage to someone, health, worldedit and much much more. This mod comes hand when you’re testing something on multiplayer severs or on LAN, it can act like a cheat tool too.

Minecraft Single Player Commands

See command list full of Single Player Commands here:


How to install Single Player Commands Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2:

1. Manual Installation (Minecraft 1.6 and above)

  • 1. Close Minecraft launcher (if open)
  • 2. Navigate to where minecraft is installed (eg: on Windows %appdata%/.minecraft)
  • 3. Go to versions and copy the version directory (eg: 1.6.2) and name it something else (eg: 1.6.2.mods). Alternatively, if you have done this for another mod already backup the Minecraft version.
  • 4. Open the jar file (using an archive utility, such as 7zip) in the mod directory you created (eg: 1.6.2.jar) and copy all of the files into it except for WorldEdit.jar
  • 5. Delete the files in the META-INF directory except for MANIFEST.MF
  • 6. Close the jar file
  • 7. Copy WorldEdit.jar into .minecraft/bin
  • 8. Rename the jar file to the same name as the directory (eg: 1.6.2.mods.jar)
  • 9. Rename the json file to the same name as the directory (eg: 1.6.2.mods.json)
  • 10. Open the json file in a text editor and the line that contains the id (eg: “id”: “1.6.2”) change it to the same name as the directory (eg: “id”: “1.6.2.mods”)
  • 11. Save and close the json file.
  • 12. Start up the Minecraft launcher
  • 13. Create a new profile
  • 14. Select the version that you just created (eg: 1.6.2.mods)
  • 15. Select the rest of your settings.
  • 16. Launch the game using this profile.

Note: Using a 3rd party launcher such as Magic Launcher may save you a lot of time in managing mods.

2. Automated Installation (Minecraft 1.5 and below)

  • 1. Double click the .JAR file to run it. Note that if double clicking the file doesn’t open it you can also run it from command line/console/terminal as described below:

Method 1 (Windows):

  • Right-click JAR
  • Open with ‘Java Platform’

Method 2:

  • Open command line (Windows) /console (Unix/Linux) /terminal (MAC)
  • Navigate to where the installer is, for example it might be:

cd C:\Users\Example\My Documents\Downloads

  • Type in the following: java -cp <DOWNLOADNAME> com.sijobe.installer.Installer

Where <DOWNLOADNAME> is the name of the .JAR file, ie: SinglePlayerCommandsV2.11.jar

  • 2. Once the installation screen is up verify that the filepath that is displayed is pointing to where Minecraft is installed.
  • 3. Click the Install button and the installation will start, a popup message will appear when the installation is finished.

3. Manual Installation (Minecraft 1.5 and below)

  • 1. Go to the “.minecraft/bin” directory (start; run; then typing %appdata%\.minecraft\bin works) and backup the minecraft.jar
  • 2. Using 7zip or equally capable archive viewer open minecraft.jar
  • 3. Delete the META-INF folder (if on a MAC *only* delete the Mojang_c files)
  • 4. Drag and drop the “com” folder and all *.class files contained within the mod to the minecraft.jar (Caution: don’t drop them in a folder inside the minecraft.jar).
  • 5. Close the minecraft.jar
  • 6. Copy ALL the “.jar” files contained within the mod to the “.minecraft/bin” directory (the same directory as minecraft.jar). This means copy the WorldEdit.jar into the “.minecraft/bin” NOT into the Minecraft.jar
  • 7. Enjoy the mod.

Backup MCJAR – Allows you to backup the Minecraft.jar at the click of a button

Backup Worlds – Allows you to backup all your worlds at a click of a button

Note: Both backup methods put the backups into, .minecraft/backups

Developer: simo_415

Download Single Player Commands Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2:

For Minecraft 1.6.2/1.6.1

Single-Player-Commands 1.6.2/1.6.1: Manual Installation  –  Automated Installation

For Minecraft 1.5.2

Single-Player-Commands 1.5.2: Manual Installation  –  Automated Installation

For Minecraft 1.5.1

Single-Player-Commands 1.5.1: Manual Installation  –  Automated Installation

For Minecraft 1.4.7

Single-Player-Commands 1.4.7: Manual Installation  –  Automated Installation

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